Safe Drive SDC 2.0

Safe Drive SDC 2.0

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    With the Blaupunkt Safe Drive SDC 2.0 you get a universal remote control for your Blaupunkt car radio. In a high-quality, black, silk-matt design with silver buttons and a chrome-plated rotary knob, the controller integrates itself inconspicuously in your vehicle and lets you operate your radio without having to take your eyes off the road.

    The controller can be used for storage or use in the holding plate, for mobile use it can be removed with a small turn and, thanks to the integrated batteries, can be used anytime and anywhere. Whether you mount the remote control on the center console in your car or motorhome, store it in the glove compartment if necessary, place it next to your bed in the motorhome or lie on the table next to you in front of your motorhome - there are almost no limits to the application.

    You can easily program the button functions via the SWC setup of your Blaupunkt car radio, the controller itself does not require any setup.

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